Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mom's Wishes

Peace on Earth....
OK, OK...

  • Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand lotion, face lotion, night lotion eye lotion - get it?  ANY of that stuff!
  • Anything you make or write.
  • Time.  Maybe invite ME to lunch, and make it at your place - I just don't like tuna, but for you I'll try.
  • Puopolos Candy.  I know, I know... but you asked.  Milk.  No fruity filling.
  • GC to Utrecht - any amount, from $5 ... I'll use it!
  • GC to Chico's
  • round vase - not cut glass, smooth
  • Any glass vase (colored or clear)
  • GC for facial anywhere
  • clear green or blue protective cover for my laptop - 13 inch macbook
  • GC for nails from The Face Place in Norwell
  • Bright or Flat brushes (not round) in Utrecht's 6300 series.  Or tiny 'signing' brushes.
  • Plain white teacup & saucer (pottery barn, Wms Sonoma, Crate & Barrel) to use, and have as painting props
  • funky scarfs (not outdoor wear) that do not itch.  Glitter is ok.
  • Drawing pencils, pens, charcoal
  • watercolor pad or sheets - just a couple would be fine  -  I cut them up
  • iTunes GC.

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