Monday, December 13, 2010

Can we use this again? I need ideas!

So, here's a list for me:

1. Urban Outfitters has texting gloves, which would be ideal for photos:

Brown is good, but they have navy blue w. red in some stores.

2. Plaid fleece-lined slippers from H&M (saw them @ the newbury store, the only slippers I like!)

3. iTunes gift cards

4. an ipod touch, preferably the exact same model I have, only w/o spidery cracks all over it. How would someone find such a thing? Hmmmm.....

5. a great book -- maybe one you've read?

6. fiction & lit journals.
I love this one: and you can get back-issues for $4 right now! (I have the fall issue already.)
also good: Best American Short Fiction, Pen/O'Henry Prize, American Short Fiction, Ploughshares

7. magazines.
I'm really into film magazines right now, but they are expensive! these are the ones that have really thoughtful articles:

8. Gift certificates to bookstores like Trident on newbury street!

Please post hints/wishlists!

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